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All the information you need about WA Quarantine!

If you’re transporting your vehicle to and from Western Australia, it will be required to undergo a quarantine inspection.
Check the following areas for Quarantine Risk Material (QRM). This includes items such as: plants, flowers, seeds, hay, soil, honey, insects, nuts, food scraps, fruit or vegetable packaging.

  • Seat Covers

  • Carpet / Mats

  • Boot and Spare Tyre

  • Engine – (engine oil and grease is not a quarantine risk)

  • Grill

  • Radiator core

  • Recess under wiper wells

  • Wheel Arches, Mud Flaps and Tyre Rims (particularly rear side)

  • Axles & Diffs

  • Spare tyres on 4WD’s (suspended underneath) Note: these are high risk areas q Water tanks

  • Steps & Running boards

  • Chassis rails and channels

  • Toolboxes and mounts

If your vehicle is quarantined you will be required to pay: to have your vehicle cleaned to a satisfactory standard for entry into WA and, a $100.00 fee for re-inspection by a QWA officer before your vehicle can be released to you.
For more information please contact SMB Australia.

How do I prepare my vehicle for transport?

Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport
When preparing your vehicle for transport, you need to be aware that strict guidelines are enforced and we want to make sure that the impact on our customers is minimal.
The information provided below will be of assistance to you in preparing for your vehicle for transport.

Booking Paperwork

Please check your booking confirmation paperwork to ensure that all details are correct. Please contact us if they are not.
The estimated delivery date provided on your booking confirmation has been calculated in business/ working days –
(weekends and public holidays are excluded) and while every effort will be made to meet the estimated delivery date, sometimes conditions beyond our control impact on transport timing. In instances such as these we will contact you to advise you via your tracking link.

How it Works
Door-to-Door Service
The day prior to your scheduled vehicle collection, our planning team will contact you to arrange an approximate 4 hour window to collect your vehicle. Please make sure that you are available within this window. If you will not be available please appoint an agent (another person) to hand your vehicle to us.
On Collection Day, our driver will collect your vehicle and will complete the Vehicle Condition Report with you. Upon handing over the vehicle you (or your agent) agree that the Vehicle Condition Report is accepted as is by SMB receiving the vehicle.

The day prior to your scheduled delivery, our scheduling team will contact you to arrange an approximate 4 hour window in which to deliver your vehicle to you.
On Delivery Day, please make sure that you are available within the delivery window you have agreed to with our scheduling team.
If for any reason you cannot be available, please appoint an agent to take delivery of your vehicle and accept the Vehicle Condition Report.
*Please note that accepting the vehicle confirms that the vehicle is received in good order and condition and/or in the same condition as when received for carriage.*

NOTE: Some towns and cities have restrictions for access by large vehicles, and/or have streets that restricted access. If you’ve requested collection from or delivery to such a location, SMB will discuss alternative meeting arrangements with you for collection or delivery.

Depot-to-Depot Service
On Drop-off Day, you will hand over your vehicle to a SMB Customer Service Officer at one of our nominated Depots. We will complete the Vehicle Condition Report with you.
If you are not able to deliver the vehicle to us personally, you are required to appoint an agent to do this for you. 
Upon handing over the vehicle you (or your agent) agree that the Vehicle Condition Report is accepted as is by SMB receiving the vehicle.

When your vehicle arrives into our Depot, you will be contacted by a SMB Customer Service Officer to let you know that your vehicle has arrived and is available for collection.
On Collection Day, please ensure you have your proof of identity (i.e. driver’s licence/passport) and your booking paperwork.
We will then hand the vehicle to you or your appointed agent.
*Please note that accepting the vehicle confirms that the vehicle is received in good order and condition and/or in the same condition as when received for carriage.*

Combination Service (Door* to Depot / Depot to Door*)
These services are also available and work in exactly the same way as outlined above.
*Where access and service is available.

My vehicle is modified, is it okay to transport?
My vehicle is modified!
At SMB we can transport modified vehicles!
The vehicle needs to have a clearance of at least 15cms at the lowest point. 

There is a price and transport time frame increase on modified vehicles due to only some of our trailers can safely transport your modified vehicle, making it a specialized transport movement!

When can you transport my vehicle?
When can I get my vehicle moved?
At SMB our depots are open weekdays, please see here for specific depot times and locations.
Door collections are done during business hours, we will give you a window of time the day before collection so you know we are coming to collect or deliver your vehicle!
Someone must always be present to give our drivers the vehicles and sign our consignment terms & conditions!

Is transporting my vehicle expensive?
No! Think of the time and money you are saving instead of driving the vehicle yourself. 
Call or email for a quote and you will be surprised at how cheap and effective the vehicle transport is compared to you driving your vehicle!

Think about the time you will save and you won't have to pay for expenses or accommodation along the way. 

Items Inside my vehicle
If you have booked your transport with items inside your car make sure that the items are below the window height. This is because automotive glass is built to take significant direct impact, but if the glass it hit or flexed on the edge of the glass it is more fragile! If your items are touching the window in transit this may happen, SMB cannot control this and SMB Australia Car Transport does not hold insurance on items carried inside your vehicle or any damage that your items do to your vehicle. 

SMB will not accept flammable and dangerous items inside vehicles. Please see terms & conditions for further exclusions. 

How long will my car take to transport?
How long will it take to transport my car?
Car transport collection and delivery times do depend on where you are transporting your vehicle too. It can also be impacted by road closures and conditions. If you choose to transport your car with SMB we will keep you updated on your specific transit times so you know when your car will reach its destination.
Can I have dangerous goods inside my vehicle?
No! Before you transport your vehicle remember to make sure there are no dangerous goods inside your vehicle. Goods such as flares, flammable gasses and liquids (BBQ gas bottles) ammunition, aerosols etc.

Do I need to secure my vehicle louvres or rain shields?

Remember to secure your rear window louvre before you transport your vehicle. This is as the vehicles are sometimes transported on our carriers rear forwards. Parts such as rear window louvres are not designed to have the wind pushing the opposite way – sometimes making these items loose or sometimes break with the wind and environment.
Secure these before transport so you loose the risk of it coming loose in your car transport!


I have tape marks on my car! Why?
This is as the vehicles are sometimes transported on our carriers rear forwards. Parts such as rear window louvers, rain shields and side mirror caps are not designed to have the wind pushing the opposite way – sometimes making these items loose.
Also with the vibrating of the roads and the vehicles on our trailers these items can sometime fall off.

Our drivers use tape to hold these items in place to protect your vehicle! Sometimes when the tape is on for a few days in the heat the tape can melt onto your vehicle making it a little difficult to come off. But don't worry it won't damage your car!

To remove the tape residue we kindly ask that you use methylated spirits or eucalyptus oil. Rub this lightly with an old rag and the residue will come off.
After this is done just hose down the area so the oil is not on your vehicle.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call our friendly team!

Can I transport my vehicle with Items?
Want to transport your vehicle with items? Sure can at SMB Australia Car Transport! Make sure that your items are below the window height and not on or around the drivers seat!
Why? Because items can shake, rattle & roll in transit with the vibrations of the road, so having your items below the window height stops the items from hitting the windows and/or damaging the interior of your beautiful vehicle!

Our drivers also need to have room to get in and out of your car safely so make sure there is full range of motion for the drivers seat!

*Please note that items are priced on weight, if your items are higher than the quoted amount you will be charged accordingly. There is a weight limit on items and how much our carriers can carry so be sure to call our office for anything over 80kgs with an accurate quote and time frame.
SMB Australia Car Transport does not hold insurance on items carried inside your vehicle* Please see terms & conditions for further exclusions. 

Can I transport my vehicle with Items?

It is possible that during your vehicle movement, it may travel through a road tollway. We advise that you take off the toll tag to prevent the tag being charged.

Although unlikely, if your vehicle travels through a tollway and you encounter charges relating to this movement, we suggest that you contact the toll provider regarding these charges. If you require any supporting documentation from SMB outlining details of this movement please contact our insurance department at

Do I need to be present during pickup and delivery of the vehicle?

Generally, yes. You or someone you entrust needs to be present at both pickup and delivery of your vehicle. During pick-up and delivery, a vehicle inspection is carried out and signed and the keys handed over to our driver.  For the safety of your vehicle, it will be only handed over to a nominated person on the booking.

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

Transport times can vary depending on distances, specific transport legs, any special requirements you may have and sometimes events that are outside of our control. We advise that you use these transport times as estimates and please do not plan holidays, trips and/or meetings using estimated transit times.

Our standard transit days are available when you request a transport quote or make a booking through SMB. We understand being without your vehicle can be a significant inconvenience and we will do our best to keep you updated through your personalised vehicle tracking link provided on booking.

When will my vehicle be collected?

Every booking placed with SMB differs in its own way. For metropolitan collections we ask for a minimum of 2-3 working days notice to collect your vehicle. This may change, however we endeavour to have your vehicle collected within this timeframe. For rural collections, further notice will be required. Placing a desired collection date on your booking does not indicate a guaranteed date or time. One of our load planners will be in contact with you prior to collection to nominate a date and timeframe.

How long can I store my vehicle at your depot?


Vehicles can be stored for up to 2 working days once vehicle has been advised it is ready to collect. Storage charges will incur if vehicle is not collected within this timeframe.

How do I transport my car interstate?


Book your car with SMB and we will remove all the complexities for you. Unlike other car transport brokers, SMB controls your vehicle from start to finish. Interstate transport is as easy as booking your transport then letting SMB take care of the rest. SMB offers door to door service or depot services for your convenience. If you select door to door transport, our customer serive team will arrange with you a suitable time for collection from your address or closest too. Your vehicle will then travel through our network and to your desired delivery point. Upon delivery, our customer service staff will arrange a suitable delivery time to hand your vehicle over.  During this journey, you will be able to track your vehicle the entire time through our personalised tracking link and be in touch with our local call centre staff if you have any questions.

Do you collect from Pickles Auctions or Graysonline?  


We do collect from all auction houses. On booking please provide a paid invoice, buyers authority and drivers licence. This is to be sent to with your booking number as a reference. Vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition have no damage and not be older than 20 years old for a standard quote.

Do you collect from Salvage Yards/ Damaged Auctions?   


Yes we can collect from salvage yards but we will need to see pictures of the vehicles before we can quote them. Without pictures and a full description of what is wrong with the vehicles we will not be able to quote. Any vehicles from salvage yards will be transported with no transit insurance. Keys/books or other components must be provided by auction yard on pickup, SMB will not search for additional components. We will receive the vehicle as is from Salvage Auction yard.


Can I drop my vehicle off at the depot on a weekend?

Unfortunately, the depots are only open Monday to Friday. They are closed on weekends and public holidays.


Can SMB transport non running vehicles or project vehicles?

Yes, we can provide you with a quote to transport non running vehicles/project cars. They need to be rollable, have working hand brake and foot brakes, unlocked and working steering, have a driver seat fitted and the tyres need to be pumped up. If your vehicle is not in full 100% working mechanical order, your vehicle will be classed as a non runner to prevent possible further damage (this includes overheating or misfiring). If your vehicle is a non-runner due to having a flat battery, this will still incur additional charges and be classified as a non-running vehicle. It is important to advise us of any issues with the vehicle during the quoting and booking process to ensure that you have been given the correct price and to avoid any additional fees.

Does my car need fuel to be transported? 

Yes we ask that your vehicle have at least ¼ tank of fuel. Vehicles provided with no fuel will be classed as non-running vehicles incurring additional fees. Additional fees will not be limited to additional towing fees payable by customer


What do I need to do to prepare my vehicle for transport?


Make sure that your vehicle has been booked in with the correct dimensions/ items etc. Check that your vehicle has at least ¼ tank of fuel.

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