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Your Ultimate Pre-Transport Checklist: Ensure a Smooth Vehicle Handover

Pre-Transport Checklist:

To ensure a hassle-free vehicle handover, please follow this checklist before your vehicle's transportation with SMB Australia:


  • Confirm that your vehicle is booked and confirmed.

  • All possessions are packed and secured below the windows.

  • Ensure that no possessions obstruct the driver's seat and that it is adjustable.

  • Remove all flammables, hazardous materials, and dangerous goods such as ammunition, firearms, and flammable gases and liquids from the vehicle.

  • Note that SMB Australia is not responsible for damage caused by possessions in the vehicle.

  • If any personal or dangerous goods are identified, remove them from the vehicle before transportation.

Drivable Vehicles:

  • Check that the vehicle's engine is working.

  • Ensure that the battery is charged and secured to the vehicle.

  • Confirm that the vehicle has at least a quarter tank of fuel.

  • Have all keys ready to hand over to the driver.

  • Disable any non-standard alarms or kill switches and provide detailed instructions to the driver if needed.

  • Top up all necessary fluids.

Non-Drivable Vehicles:

  • Ensure that the vehicle has working brakes and steering.

  • Remove the aerial and place it in a secure compartment inside the vehicle.

  • Disable or remove the toll e-tag from the windshield.

  • Thoroughly secure any aftermarket accessories on the vehicle.

  • If transporting to Western Australia, make sure the vehicle is completely clean and free of mud, plant material, and insects to avoid fines for quarantine violations.

Please note that if the driver or depot staff identify any issues during drop-off or collection, you may be asked to resolve them before transportation.



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