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Preventing Tape Marks on Your Car After Transport: Tips and Strategies for Car Owners

When it comes to transporting a vehicle, it's common to see tape marks on the car after it arrives at its destination. This can be concerning for vehicle owners who are unsure of what caused the marks and how to remove them. In this blog post, we will explain why tape marks occur during vehicle transportation and provide tips on how to remove them.

Why do tape marks occur during vehicle transportation?

When vehicles are transported, they are often placed on carriers backwards. This means that parts like rear window louvres, rain shields, and side mirror caps are not designed to have the wind pushing the opposite way. The vibration of the roads and the vehicles on the trailers can also cause these parts to loosen and fall off. To prevent this, drivers use tape to hold these items in place to protect your vehicle.

How to remove tape marks?

The tape used to secure the loose items during transportation can sometimes melt onto your vehicle due to the heat. However, it won't damage your car. To remove the tape residue, we recommend using methylated spirits or eucalyptus oil. Simply rub the affected area lightly with an old rag and the residue will come off. After this is done, hose down the area to ensure that the oil is not left on your vehicle.

Additional tips for vehicle transportation:

1. Choose a reputable vehicle transportation company that has experience in transporting vehicles.

2. Make sure to communicate any special requirements for your vehicle to the transportation company, such as any loose parts that need to be secured.

3. Take photos of your vehicle before it's transported to document any existing damage or wear and tear.

4. Before transporting, ensure that the gas tank is more than 1/4 full and that the battery is connected.

Tape marks on your car after transportation may seem concerning, but they are a normal part of the vehicle transportation process. By using tape to secure loose items during transportation, drivers are taking extra precautions to protect your vehicle. If you have tape marks on your car, follow our tips on how to remove them. Remember to choose a reputable transportation company and communicate any special requirements for your vehicle to ensure a safe and smooth transportation experience.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call our friendly team!



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